Company Profile

Company Name Clean Technology Co., Ltd.
President Toshio Awaji
Foundation February, 1990
Capital 60 million yen
Head Office 3209-1 Hineno Izumisano City, Osaka
TEL: 81-72-450-0126/FAX:81-72-450-0127
URL: http://www.clean.co.jp
E-mail: info@clean.co.jp
Kyushu Business Office 788-1 Ooaza Sugimizu Azashimo Genba Oozumachi Kikuchigun, Kumamoto
TEL: 81-96-294-3401/FAX: 81-96-294-3403
Kanto Business Office 13-7 Higashinaruse Iseharashi, Kanagawa
TEL: 81-463-96-4040/FAX: 81-463-96-4044
China Shanghai Office Clean Technology Co., Ltd. Shanghai Office
313, SenBen Plaza, 567 Tianyaoqiao Road,
Xuhui District, Shanghai, China
TEL: 86-137-6467-4577
China Xiamen Office Clean Technology Co., Ltd.
No.133-1, Xilucun Iinlizhongxin, Maziangzhen, 361101 Xian’an Disctrict, Xiamen City, China
TEL: 180-6095-0232
Taiwan Tainan Office Clean Technology Co., LTd. Taiwan Branch
No.9-2, Xinyi St., Xinshi DIst., Tainan City
74441, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
Taiwan Hsinchu Office Clean Technology Co., Ltd. Taiwan Branch
No.5, Jiagenf 10th Rd., Zhubei City, Hsinchu County 302, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
Licensed Industrial Waste Transportation and
Storage Business
Items of Business Manufacture and Sales of
・Air Pollution Prevention System
・Waste Pollution Prevention System
・Waste Treatment System
・Noise Prevention System
・Vibration Prevention System
・Semiconductor Manufacture System
・Semiconductor Experiment System
A number of business relevant to those above
Certification Standards ISO 9001, ISO 14001

Affiliated Companies

Clean Maintenance Co., Ltd. 3209-1 Hineno Izumisano City, Osaka
TEL: 81-72-450-0132/FAX: 81-72-450-0133
日商澄明科技有限公司 郵遞區號:300
China Local Company Xiamen CMH Machinery Technology Co., Ltd.
No.133-1, Xilucunlinlizhongxin, Maxiangzhen, Xiang’an Disgtrict Xiamen City, 361101 China
Clean Technology Korea Co., Ltd. 332-2 Factory World 506, Wonchon-Dong Youngtong-Ku, Suwon-Si, Korea

Management Philosophy

Our major  line of business is to develop variety of exhaust gas treatment system, which are essential for
the semiconductor industry (in semiconductor and LCD manufacturing lines) in safeguarding the environment.
By making good use of our flexible know-how and technology, we strive to solve complex and unintelligible
problems occurring in the semiconductor industry which no one has ever attempted to work out before.

In addition, we consider it our appointed tast to respond to the diverse needs of our customers by providing
them with new products, by keeping our watchword, “speed”, “challenge”, and “flexibility”.

Clean Technology Product Line

Exhaust Gas Treatment System

・Dry Type (for Film)
・Dry Type (for Etching, MO-CVD, WF6)
・Dry Type (for Film/Implant)
・Dry Type (Emergency Scrubber)
・Combustion Type【Heater Type】 (for Film/PFC)
・Wet Type (for Etching/Film)
・Atmospheric Plasma Type (for PFC)
・Atmospheric Plasma + Dry Type (for PFC)
・Heater Catalyst Type (for VOC)
・Heater Cayalyst Type (for large volume NH3)

Peripheral Equipment

・Exhaust Pipe Filter (for Gas)
・Exhaust Pipe Filter (for Powder)
・Pipe Cleaning (for Powder)
・Pipe Cleaning (for Sludges/Floating Substances)
・Powder Cleaning (for Powder)
・CT Repair (for Chiller)
・CT Repair (for Vacuum Pump)

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